Closed-Captioning for the Hearing Impaired

Maverick Captioning Service, headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio,
provides closed-captioning services, subtitling and transcription for
companies throughout the United States.  Please contact us for a
personalized quote on your project.

Captioning helps those who are deaf or hard of
hearing, but is also used by many others.

Why should you caption?

to comply with FCC requirements

to reach the deaf and hard of hearing

to reach a larger audience; i.e., in noisy, public places like
museums, auditoriums, restaurants, and exercise facilities

to maintain a positive public image

to serve the community needs

to increase literacy of both children and adults

to increase the language, comprehension, and understanding
of the ESL population
Maverick Captioning Service
Cincinnati, Ohio
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Maverick Captioning Service
Closed Captioning, Subtitling and Transcription